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Our Tried and True Recipes

recipesWe feel that our sauce is so highly versatile that you will also be finding many other unique ways to use it. We are anxiously looking forward to your sharing your ideas with us and our readers.

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Greet and Meet, Taste and Try

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She’s Hot He’s Spicy and Provencal Horseradish Sauces are available in select specialty food stores. Click here to find a store near you.

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The Saucy Story

leslie at demoI have always had the belief that the whole point of cooking is to enjoy the total experience. When I “retired” I challenged myself to live out my passion for cooking by developing sauces whose flavor would surpass any comparable product in the market. My partner Bob and I took our product to several catering events and family gatherings we even gave it away for the ultimate tasting by ordinary people. The results were the same! We were told it was great enough to put the “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy” brand in the retail market. Today, I’m blessed to have family and friends encouraging me to create gourmet sauces that incorporate fresh, simple ingredients in perfect harmony; sauces that enhance the real flavor of beef, poultry, fish or vegetables ... where, with the addition of “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy”, even a finger food becomes a captivating appetizer. My sincere hope is to leave you with a memorable eating experience, as well as an easy to remember brand.

Good Eating!
Leslie Moore