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recipesWe feel that our sauce is so highly versatile that you will also be finding many other unique ways to use it. We are anxiously looking forward to your sharing your ideas with us and our readers.

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She’s Hot He’s Spicy and Provencal Horseradish Sauces are available in select specialty food stores. Click here to find a store near you.

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Product Reviews

“What a great surprise! This unique and special horseradish sauce is just what it takes to add some kick to that burger or steak. Try it once and you will be hooked.”

Tom Cooke
Rockville, Maryland

“When I served “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy” Horseradish sauce with Prime Rib…it was such a hit people were licking it off the forks and knives and said I had to get them a jar.”

Tish Rodriguez
Fork, MD

“This was much more than I expected in a sauce. It was out of this world used on pannini sandwiches.”

Judy Welty
Westminster, MD

“Leslie sends sauce to me in California. My relatives flock to my home for dinner on the holidays knowing I’m going to be serving “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy” Horseradish Sauce. They each look forward to receiving a jar as a Christmas present and comment they use the sauce to “the last drop” and cannot wait for the official launch of the product ... or Christmas time!!!!”

Klinton Lee
San Jose, CA

“The Horseradish sauce is a big hit with my guests. I have served this sauce at several gatherings and everyone wants to know where I got it!”

James McDonald
Upper Falls, MD

“I was never a fan of horseradish sauce until I tried She’s Hot He’s Spicy Horseradish Sauce! My husband urged me to try it with filet of salmon and despite my initial reluctance now there’s no turning back! I never knew it was so versatile and could taste so fresh!”

Lisa Paris
Blackwood, NJ

“Congratulations! This is the greatest! I’ll certainly be ordering more.”

Tracey Blay
Petaluma, CA

“I’ve never tasted a sauce this good”

Kingsville, MD

“I can’t wait until the other sauces come out. This is really good.”

Rob W.
Kingsville, MD

“I sampled out the She’s Hot He’s Spicy Horseradish Sauce for my own customers. The consensus was 100% that this was some delicious and versatile sauce.”

Lynn Aaron, Owner
The Olde Liberty Shoppe

“We think the sauce is great with oysters, roast beef and vegetables. Where can we buy more?”

Gene Slaught
Baltimore, MD

"Great sauce on everything from land to sea and inbetween."

Ocean City, MD


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